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Restore DUO and TRIO
Dressings with TRIACT Technology
Combining the Benefits of TRIACT Technology with an Absorbent layer
Restore DUO
Absorbent Non-Adhesive Dressing
Restore DUO
Restore Duo Dressing is an absorbent, non-adhesive dressing that combines TRIACT technology with a thin, soft pad to provide a ready-to-use, non-adherent, absorbent dressing.
The result is comfortable, versatile and easy-to-use wound care dressings that don't adhere to the wound bed, allowing for virtually pain-free dressing changes.
The absorbent layer is as absorbent as many lite foams and multiple guaze pads, allowing for fewer dressing changes on lightly exuding wounds.
Use the non-adhesive DUO product when the periwound skin is too fragile to risk exposure to adhesive.
Restore TRIO
Absorbent Adhesive Dressing
Restore TRIO
Restore Trio Dressing combines the Duo dressing with an adhesive layer that eliminates the need for a secondary dressing to hold it in place.
Benefits of DUO & Trio include:
  • Helps minimize damage to newly formed surrounding skin.
  • The absorbent pad provides optimal drainage for small quantities of exudate, protecting the periwound skin from maceration.
  • Flexible, comfortable, and conformable for use on a variety of wound types and body contours.
Use the TRIO product when an all-in-one adhesive dressing is appropriate.
Duo and Trio Key Features:
Both use advanced TRIACT Technology - the dressing minimizes damage to the wound bed, therefore
  • Minimizes pain at dressing changes
  • Reduces damage to newly formed surrounding skin
Both have an absorbent pad - providing absorbency similar to many lite foams
  • Helps protect the surrounding skin from maceration
Both are flexible - allows for conformability and contact with the wound bed
  • Conform to a variety of wound types and body contours
Both can stay in place up to 7 days
  • Reduces frequency of dressing changes
  • Saving nursing time
Adhesive or non-adhesive — it's your choice!
  • Match the appropriate dressing to the protocol of your wound challenge
Duo and Trio dressings are ideal for low exuding acute and chronic wounds